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In a world where healthcare is increasingly taking center stage in everyday decision making, we believe in influencing behavior where real life happens – in the moment. Our approach focuses on humanizing innovation in healthcare, where innovation is rooted in responsible communications of people-focused outcomes – whether we’re talking pharmaceutical, biotechnology, health tech or consumer science.

Our health communications compass is guided by four key tenets.

First, we value innovation but not for innovation’s sake: the true measure of the value of healthcare innovation is its ability to improve the health and well-being of a patient.

Second, we believe in the need to manage expectations around the impact of healthcare innovation. While healthcare has become increasingly compared to the technology sector, progress in the healthcare world does not mirror the trajectory seen in the latter, and the onus is on us to educate transparently.

Third, do no harm. Considerations for privacy, integrity and data management are critical in an increasingly tech-savvy world. We believe in assessing the risk-benefit trade-off of any healthcare innovation so that informed decisions on its adoption can be made.

Lastly, no amount of technology will ever replace the care and human touch that doctors, nurses, caretakers, family members and loved ones bring to people’s lives. Critically, healthcare innovation may be the tool to improve the work of healthcare professionals, but it should not replace them. We put this to practice in our engagement with your stakeholders.

At Current Global, we firmly believe that responsible healthcare requires all of these components. We’re excited to partner with you in making history around how the healthcare community will take the high road in improving the way we manage our health.

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